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Tricking out the s2 style The Boxer

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Welcome to Boxer_Help!

Tricking out the Boxer Layout

About: boxer_help is a help community for all things related to the s2 style, The Boxer, created by xevinx. This is a place to ask questions, post your layers, styles, and in general, help one another. As the memories become more and more organized, we ask that you please read through them before posting. You may now also browse this journals tags!

xevinx - Creator, Programmer.
hermintage - [E-mail] - Maintainer.

Note: hermintage has listed her e-mail out of the goodness of her heart. Please do not flood her with general programming questions; she receives hundreds of comments & emails a day, plus is just in general a busy person, and does not have time to answer every single question that pops up. Her e-mail address is listed so that if you are having a problem with a member of the boxer_help community or if you notice discrepancies in the memories, the userinfo, or tutorials, you can e-mail her and she will fix it. She cannot help you with your layout unless you post an entry to the community, with specific problem areas referred.

The Boxer Information & Links

Layout Information:
Layout Source | Colour Themes

Frequented Links & Tutorials:
- boxer_help's official memories section
- boxer_help's helpful tags page
- eeriedescent's unofficial memories section
- component_help's HTML Reference Guides
- s2layers's Boxer theme layers
- xevinx's "My First s2" tutorial

Please read through all of the above before you post a question! The links below will help you in the programming process.

Manage and Helpful Layers Links:
Main Customize Page | Your Layers | Your Styles
| The Livejournal s2 Manual |

How to Get Help

The Golden Rule: Do not ask us "How do I make my layout look like _______'s?" Providing the layout as an example is fine, but blanket questions such as this without any other explanation is NOT. Either ask them for help yourself, or take a few minutes to learn a little more about the layout you're using. It isn't hard, just please stop asking that question. Questions like this will be deleted from now on.

Rules for Posting Questions/Layers

Please use the following format when posting a question/problem, and please see the rules thereafter for any additional concerns. Please copy & paste the form in the following textarea when posting your problem.


While we would prefer it that you post full layers for use in s2layers, if you would like to post specific things here that have not been posted before, that's OK as well. Please use this form when posting a completed layer - and, it's a good idea to test it out and make sure it works.


  1. Before you post: Please read through the memories section and/or the last day's worth of postings. More than likely, your question has already been asked and is answered there.
  2. Can't find the answer? If you still cannot find the answer to your question, post a detailed post of what it is you're after into the community. After hermintage approves the post, it will be visible to the general public, and one of the members will help you out (if it's possible).
  3. Posting Allowance: Please do not post more than once per day, and preferably, no more than twice a week.
  4. Posting your Code: When posting code, the lj-cut or textarea is your friend. Please also specify which username you are working with, whether you are working on your own layout or for a friend's. If you are having trouble posting your layer code, please try the Simple Code Generator to convert it to visible HTML.
  5. Delay time: Do not be alarmed if it takes members several days to get back to you. When you or someone else has helped solve your problem, please edit your original post. It's also nice to thank those who have helped you out.
  6. Sharing Layers: When posting layout code for sharing, please state your terms of service in the post.
  7. Other Questions: For general s2 questions, try s2_for_dummies & the s2howto tutorials.

That's all for now...these rules are subject to amendment, and your post, mind you, is subject to deletion for being off-topic.

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